About the Gould Brothers

We’re just two brothers that have taken our passion for trick shooting, dreamed big and pulled the trigger to turn our passion into a career.

We specialize in performing one of a kind live exhibition shows across the country and producing crazy trick shooting videos.

We may be brothers, but based on appearance and personalities, you sure wouldn’t guess it. Growing up, we rarely got along, but there was something that happened in each of our lives that brought us together. We may do amazing trick shots with guns, but what is really amazing is what brought us together and started our journey to becoming the nation’s top trick shots. Read our story…

We have been so blessed to be able to live out our dream and it wouldn’t be possible without the events that bring us into perform, the awesome brands that partner with us, and our amazing fans! We can’t say thank you enough.

Aaron Gould

As far back as I can remember, I daydreamed about forging through the forests and prairies of North America. My immediate family was not a hunting or shooting family, but through these daydreams and excursions in the woods behind the house, I developed a love for the outdoors.

My introduction to hunting and shooting was initially through an uncle. Uncle Dave would take me shooting .22 rifles out on my grandparent’s 160ac farm. He also took the time to take me out for walks in the woods and squirrel hunting. My time spent with uncle Dave fueled a passion inside me for hunting and shooting. In the years to follow that passion spread to archery, black powder, and of course shotguns, for hunting purposes.

My passion has always been for hunting, but when Steve and I started to shoot together in 2007, my passion for exhibition shooting was born. Years prior I had seen a video of a man doing what I thought were impossible shots. Writing it off as fake, I never put too much thought into it until Steve and I started trying some of the shots I could remember seeing. Over the next couple years, exhibition shots consumed a vast majority of my shooting practice. I saw my first live exhibition featuring Tom Knapp in Little Falls MN. He inspired us so much that we set the goal of a career as exhibition shooters.

I love to see people getting excited about the outdoors, firearms, and conservation. As I perform in front of crowds every year my goal is that those of all ages and backgrounds see my love for what I do and in turn are inspired to create their own outdoor and shooting lifestyle.

Who I am: A sinner in need of a savior. Follower of Jesus (my savior). God does amazing things in those who believe in him. 

Family: One of the greatest gifts in life. I have a wonderful wife and we have three beautiful boys. She may be outnumbered by boys but she can shoot too!

Favorite Game to Hunt: Each game animal is unique and enjoyable to observe, conserve, and hunt. It is difficult to pick just one as I like upland, waterfowl, and big game. But my favorite has to be big game and more specifically Whitetail Deer. Here are the stories of a couple bucks I have taken in the past.

Steve Gould

My story is a lot different than most professionals. Almost every story you hear starts out, “I started when I was a young kid”, but not mine. I didn’t grow up shooting or hunting. In-fact, my passion for shooting and hunting didn’t start until I was in college. It was after a life changing experience [Read the full Story] that my eyes were opened to the beauty of the creation and at that point, I started to spend as much time as possible either in the field or on the range. Aaron and I started to do some trick shooting and it quickly became a passion. After watching a live exhibition by Tom Knapp, the dream of turning trick shooting into a career was formed. Through dreaming big, aiming small, and pulling the trigger, I have been able to pursue my passion and turn it into a reality.

One lesson I want people to learn from my story is that dreams can become a reality. Most people have dreams when they are young but as they age the dreams are traded in for “reality”. Reality usually leads them to jobs that they have no passion for and it drains the life out of them. But that doesn’t have to be your reality. If you’re willing to dream big, get super focused and aim small, then take action and pull the trigger, you can turn your dream into a reality. This is something I am passionate about and I love helping people discover their purpose, gain focus, and take action so they can effectively pursue their dreams.

My #1 Thing: My faith in Jesus Christ in my number one thing. I am amazed at all that God has had in store for me after giving my life to Him. 

Family: I am so blessed to have an awesome wife that is way out of my league in so many ways. We have two children together and we can hardly remember life without kids. What a gift!

Favorite Game to Hunt: I love it all, but I have a hard time sitting still for long. I love getting out, exploring and getting into the action. For that reason, bird chasing is one of my favorites.

Other Interests: So I love to hunt and shoot, obviously, but I have a lot of other things that I love to do. I love hanging out with family and friends, reading, traveling and relaxing on or by the water. I love being an entrepreneur and encouraging others to get out of “reality” and live an exciting and rewarding life of purpose.


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