What Is the Most Difficult Shotgun Trickshot Position?

Aug 09, 2022


Howdy folks! Aaron here. Today we're attempting an exhibition shot that has never been done!

A mainstay of exhibition trick shooting is shooting targets from unconventional positions. If you've seen us in a live show or online, you've seen the common ones such as over the head, from the hip, behind the back, and though the legs. Through many years of practice and experience, we've been able to accomplish some pretty awesome shots in these positions. HOWEVER, we have never attempted 5 hand thrown clays from the through the legs position. We've also never come across anybody else try this successfully. So today, I'm going to break down how I've developed my skills in all of these common positions over the years, then build back up to try and hit 5 clays from between the legs.

OVER THE HEAD: The first position I learned to shoot from was over the head. Many people in our live shows assume this shot to be much harder than our other positions because holding the gun upside down is very foreign to most people. The truth is, over the head is relatively easy due to the fact that the gun barrel although upside down, is still right in line with your eye as if you where shooting from the shoulder. The difficulty of this shot comes with the struggle of having to take all the recoil into your hands and arms rather than into the hard surface of your shoulder, making follow up shots on multiple clays much harder.

FROM THE HIP: From the hip is the second position I learned. This shot gets more difficult because the barrel is much further away from your eye. The recoil is much easy to manage compared to these other positions as its right back into your hip, but getting the sight picture is more difficult.

BEHIND THE BACK: Significantly harder than the last two, is behind the back. Firstly, I again don't have my body to mitigate the recoil. As far as gun placement, this shot is similar to from the hip. While shooting from the hip, the barrel is still in line with my eye - it's just lower. tracking from the hip is more of a vertical challenge. The difficulty from behind the back, is the fact that the gun is now offset from my eye horizontally - to the left of my eyes as a right handed shooter. It basically turns the "2-D" geometry problem of from the hip, into a "3-D" geometry problem between my eyes, the target, and my barrel.

BETWEEN THE LEGS: The most difficult of these is between the legs for many reasons. Recoil is still all in my hands. My body is contorted to a crouch rather than straight up. The angle of the gun relative to my eyes and the target is at it's most extreme angle. My overall mobility is decreased as I'm crouched putting all responsibility for target acquisition into my hands. Now take all of those factors and throw up 1,2,3,4 and now FIVE CLAYS into the mix. This is a HARD shot. 

After many dedicated attempts, I was able to pull it off! Because I've been performing this shot with single clays for a long time now and I'm used to the mechanics of it, I realized that getting a good throw off was super important, and half the battle. Throwing those clays in the crouched position was tiring man! Check out the video to see this super fun progression of getting to crush five clays from between the legs! I cant lie - I'm very proud of this accomplishment.



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