Franchi Affinity 3 | Gould Brothers Shotgun Test

Jan 13, 2022


Last week we had an absolute blast hanging out in Hondo, Texas at the Paloma Pachanga Ranch. Venatura Excursions had us out to check out their property, do some hunting, eat some great food, and have some fun in the sun with the Franchi Affinity 3. We have more to come soon on our time in Texas, but if you'd like to see what Venatura has to offer, (Check it out here)

Steve has already done a review on this Franchi (Check it out here) This is the GOULD BROTHERS FIELD TEST  to really see what this thing is made of. Lets dive in with some quick specs.


  • This Franchi is going for about $1,249
  • I was able to get it at REEDS SPORTS well below that (Check it out here)

 Quick Specs

  • 12 gauge (Inertia operated)
  • 3.5" chamber (Not typically my jam but wanted to keep it consistent)
  • 28" Barrell (Some 26") 
  • 6lbs 14oz
  • Length of Pull 14 3/8" Out of the Box - This is not adjustable
  • Drop at Comb 2 1/2" (Adjustable with shims)
  • Drop at Heel 1" (Adjustable with shims) 
  • Comes with 3  chokes (Short, Mid, Long)
  • This Waterfowl Elite comes with a very nice braided sling too 

In this video, we did a lot of fun shooting back and forth as well as an epic trick shot - We promise that you're just going to want to check out the video to see that. We kept it pretty head-to-head while having a fun game of pig at the five stand, and Aaron had a chance to run the Franchi with some speed shooting.

What we like:

We like both like simply how this Franchi feels in the hands. This is Aarons first time seriously shooting the gun and he didn't have any trouble from multiple positions. This gun just points well and has a great balance to it for an inertia gun. This is partially due to the spring being in the forearm rather than in the stock like a typical inertia gun. For the price point, you don't typically see a gun put together this well - the milled out loading port is a very nice detail. Another example of this is the generously over sized controls. We both ran this Franchi FAST - My prior time speed shooting during the review was a 1.27.

What we didn't like:

The main compliant we had about this Franchi was the oversized red and green fiber. We believe that there's no needs to have the double colors. A plain bead would suffice! Truthfully, there's nothing more that we didn't like about it. Sure it has a bit more recoil than the gas guns that were used to shooting, but this Franchi Affinity 3 came up to bat, and didn't disappoint. 


We get to pull the trigger and shoot for our dreams, but we realize it wouldn't be possible without our awesome partners and viewers like you! Thank You!

We shoot to thrill and REEDS carries it all, so you can too!

 Now pull that trigger and SHOOT for your DREAMS,

The Gould Bros.


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