How to Read and Call Wind for Long Range Shooting | Gould Brothers

Jul 30, 2021


This is the final instalment of our awesome experiences at the Vortex Edge facilities! We haven't done a whole lot of long range shooting, so come along with us as we learn the ropes out on the range.

Adrian from Vortex walks us through the set up, shows us how to collect all the necessary data to eventually, get to calling wind speed/direction ourselves! This was a very fun and enlightening way to work on our marksmanship, and learn a BUNCH of cool stuff as well. Thanks to the great trainers at Vortex, we were eventually able to hit shots all the way down range at 1,050 yards!

If you'd be interested in checking out this experience, or any of the other Vortex Edge offerings, CLICK HERE - Until then, stick around for our next epic adventure!



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