Defense Training with Sim Rounds at Vortex Edge | Gould Brothers

Jul 20, 2021


HISTORY WAS MADE today folks - for the first time ever, we've finally turned guns on each other... Kind of. This is the epic continuation of our time spent at the Vortex Edge Facility in Barneveld, Wisconsin. We took our training a level up from the Virtra Simulator, and stepped into the Vortex Edge Shoot-House for some real force on force training.

After going through an introduction and safety protocol, we got suited up, armed, and briefed on what our individual roles would be for the scenarios. This experience was intense, and incredibly eye opening for us. Imagine the adrenaline spike if this were to be real life!

The fact of the matter is, situations like this could happen to anybody, and it never hurts to be prepared. We're happy to see Vortex Edge making it possible for anybody to receive sim round scenario training, and are honored to have had this experience!

This July, we have been releasing weekly videos covering our full adventure at Vortex Edge. Stay tuned as we explore the long-range experience next!


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