We provide outdoor events with fun entertainment through one of a kind trick shooting shows that leave guests with an unforgettable experience.

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So you're planning an event...You want people to come and have an awesome time.  

But there's a problem. There are many other happenings grabbing at peoples time and stealing their attention, pulling them away from your event.  

Does your event stand out as the obvious choice? Will People leave your event with a smile and a lifelong memory?  

We understand. It's difficult to make an event stand out and create an experience that your guests will love.

With 100’s of live shows performed, we've been helping make events awesome for over 10 years.

🎯 Create a lifelong memory
🎯Avoid being an event that is overlooked
🎯Take your event from inadequate to outstanding

Additional Services


We were both heading down paths of destruction until we were saved by grace through faith in Jesus. This is when we were given new life and new vision, which included exhibition shooting. We are more than happy to share our story either during the show or separate venue. Below are a few of our other speaking topics: 

  • Saved to Shoot... For So Much More
  • Shoot for Your Dreams and Live Life to the Fullest
  • Hitting Your Targets with the Power of Focus

Shooting Games

Let us create a unique shooting experience that gets your guest hands on. Whether it's a traditional 5 stand, shooting clay at 100 yards or trying to shoot a clay with a paintball gun, we have no shortage of fun ways for your guests to get hands on. We will work with you to come up with a custom experience that will fit your event.

Shotgun Clinics & Lessons

Have a small group that could use some hands on coaching? From young to old, we can get your guests on target The smiles of hitting a clay for the first time is priceless!


Trick shooting is what we do. Our #1 focus is putting on the most entertaining exhibition shows on the planet! 


✔︎ We guarantee that our live show will be SAFE We carry a $1 million dollar liability policy for your protection but
     never plan on using it 😉

✔︎ We guarantee that our live show will be FUN Your guest will have fun watching a dynamic presentation
     packed full of amazing shots 😀

✔︎ We guarantee that we will SHOW We will be at your event, ready to perform at showtime, rain or shine ☀️

Your Money Back


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely!...But we never plan on using it ; ) All reputable exhibition performers should carry a minimum of $1 Million of liability insurance, but most do not and this potentially leaves you on the hook should something ever happen. If you would like a certificate of insurance for your event just ask and we can get you one.

Over the last 8 years, we have never missed a show. Sometimes there have been travel issues out of our control, but we have always found a way to make sure we get to where we need to be.  

Showtimes range from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the plan you choose.

It depends on the date and time of year but weekends are the most sought after dates. Many events will book more than a year in advance. If you are considering booking us for your event, it is advised to contract a year or more out to increase the likelihood that your date is available.  

We have performed at a wide variety of events across the country including public outdoor festivals, gun fairs, nonprofit fundraisers, V.I.P. gatherings, customer appreciations and Christian events. A Gould Brothers Exhibition Shooting show is entertainment that goes well with just about any event where there is a safe place for us to perform. 

We mainly travel within the U.S.A. but are willing to come to wherever your event is as long as we can legally use our guns there.

This is up to the individuals attending, most do not use them, but it is recommended to wear earplugs.

Contrary to popular belief, the shooting and hunting sports are one of the safer past time activities. Safety is of top concern when we are performing for live audiences. All the Gould Brothers shots have been tested for safety and several safety measures are taken to make sure every show is safe and fun for all spectators.

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