Smith & Wesson Shield Plus | Gould Brothers Handgun Test

Jan 27, 2022


A couple of weeks ago we had an absolute blast hanging out in Hondo, Texas at the Paloma Pachanga Ranch. Venatura Excursions had us out to check out their property, do some hunting, eat some great food, and have some fun in the sun with the Smith & Wesson Shield Plus. We have more to come soon on our time in Texas, but if you'd like to see what Venatura has to offer, (Check it out here)

Aaron has already done a review on this Franchi (Check it out here) This is the GOULD BROTHERS FIELD TEST  to really see what this thing is made of.

What we like:

There are many new things that we liked about this new Shield Plus. The first being the magazine capacity. The Shield Plus and the original Shield are very similar in size - the difference is that the new shield can hold up to 13 rounds versus the previous 7 or 8. Along with that, the grip texture has a fantastic new feel to it that gives you a very secure grip on the firearm. We also really enjoy the flat faced trigger.

 What we didn't like:

 It was hard to find anything we didn't like about this gun. While having fun in the sun and doing some trick shots, this gun didn't really give us any issues. The only thing that we noticed is that sometimes it takes a bit longer to bring up that 13th round on that magazine, but otherwise, no issues - EVEN WHILE SHOT UPSIDE DOWN!  


Fantastic gun, awesome location, and a good'ole time! If you'd like to see any other guns covered, let us know on the socials!


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The Gould Bros.


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